Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers for web hosting

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Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers

If you looking for the Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers than you are now in the right place. Business requirements these days need to be flexible and so as websites too. There are times when websites go viral and there is a spike of visitors and sometimes there are hardly any visitors.

The traditional way of hosting websites is where you buy a certain amount of space, RAM, and bandwidth. Nowadays, going for this method can be suicide for your website.

Unlike the traditional way, Cloud web hosting is a very flexible and cost-effective method. One can easily add resources or cut down as needed anytime.

Cloud web hosting can really change the dynamics of the website. Is there any best option available in the market right now? Well, to be honest, there are hundreds of options available right now.

If you are looking for the best cloud web hosting for your online business or website, Get excited! We have done the research for you and narrowed it down to the top 11 best cloud web hosting providers available.

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What is Cloud Web Hosting?

Cloud web hosting basically means an on-demand supply of hosting resources via the internet.

In other words, instead of having your own physical resources to host the website, you rent virtual resources on shared hosting services. Your website data is now stored in clusters in the cloud.

Hosting Providers

The security and proper functioning of the equipment are taken care of by the service providers. Cloud web hosting is soo durable and flexible that whether you have a small website or a website with millions of monthly visitors, everything is smoothly managed.
They have multiple servers across the globe which helps your website to be easily accessible and fast.

No doubt cloud web hosting is taking over the traditional approach of hosting websites and has now become everyone’s first and the only option to go for.

Important Check Point for Best Cloud Web Hosting

Talking the important consideration when choosing the best cloud web hosting as per your demands is “Website Security”.

As all of your website, critical data is uploaded to the cloud, the security of the cloud web hosting should be top-notch to prevent any misuse or any kind of data breach.

When it comes to website and data security, The web hosting providers should have multiple layers of security that are also regularly updated.

If we talk about what are the security measures to look for while making a decision they include firewalls, anti-virus detection, multifactor user authentication, and routine security audits.

Comparison of Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers

Cloud Web Hosting Providers

Top 11 Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers

Here comes the most important part of the article. It’s time to analyze some of the best cloud web hosting service providers that are available in the market.

So, here is the thorough research that will help you in deciding the best one as per your requirements.


NameCheap is a very popular domain registrar which also provides affordable web hosting plans.

It offers three pricing plans for web hosting that comes with an SSL certificate for the first initial year with a 30-days money-back guarantee. All three plans have unlimited bandwidth with free business email accounts.

Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers

If you already have a website hosted on any other platform, NameCheap helps you to easily migrate it free of cost.

It also offers a free drag & drops website builder for beginners to easily build a website from the scratch without any prior knowledge of coding.

The Content Delivery Network of NameCheap offers faster load times and high bandwidths. This allows for faster update of website content and also loading them.

The three annual pricing plans include

  1. Stellar: Starts from $1.08 per month and includes 20GB SSD storage and up to 3 website hosting.
  2. Plus: From $1.88 per month and has unlimited storage, unlimited creation of websites, and smooth automatic backups.
  3. Business: It starts from $4.80 per month which includes unlimited creation of websites, Cloud storage of up to 50GB, and automatic backups.

Users also have extra options to choose from for WordPress and VPS Plans too.


Talking about the web hosting space, Bluehost is a very popular brand and one of the best service providers out there.

Bluehost offers a variety of services and plans which are balanced in both prices and features comfortable for the small hobbyist to large enterprises.

Hosting Providers

It is ranked as the best website hosting platform by WordPress itself. So, if you are using the WordPress platform you can definitely choose Bluehost.

People generally know Bluehost as a non-cloud shared hosting plan but actually, there is an option to upgrade any plan by choosing the Cloudflare option.

The customer support is truly amazing and there won’t be any queries of yours that are not answered. Dedicated servers across the globe allow fast load times and uninterrupted bandwidth.

They normally offer 4 pricing plans to suit your requirements

Its Basic plan starts at $3.95 per month but is only for one website including all the basic resources.
The second plan i.e “Plus plan” starts at $4.95 per month and has unlimited sites and storage also including the basic plan features.

The third one “Choice Plus” is the most popular plan on BlueHost and is $6.95 per month, while the other plan which is the “Pro plan” is $13.95 per month.
All the plans available on BlueHost have a 36-month contract with 24×7 customer support including a free domain for 1 year, a free SSL certificate, and a free CDN.

A2 Hosting

With any time money-back guarantee commitment, A2 Hosting stands firm against all the competitors present in the market.

The prices of plans start from just $4.99 a month for an unmanaged plan with 150GB of SSD storage, one CPU core, 1GB of RAM, and 2TB of bandwidth.

Best Web Hosting Providers

There is also an option to add extra resources at a nominal cost, like $1 per 10GB of Storage, $8 per GB of memory, and $20 per TB of Bandwidth.

They have dedicated servers all around you can choose specific server locations, and OS and have full root control access.

As compared to the features and services offered, the plans are very much reasonable and affordable.


If you are looking for a cloud web hosting service that is highly customizable and flexible, no doubt Cloudways is the option to go for.

A very unique feature of Coudways is that its plans are charged hourly which means you are only charged for the number of hours you used their services.

Web Hosting

There are no lock-in contracts which means you can cancel your plans anytime without any worries.

It’s a managed cloud host and takes care of server management for you. Just after choosing a plan, you choose your preferred CMS and you are ready to go.

Some of the CMS offered are WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Koken, Media Wiki, and many more.

It also offers 24×7 customer support. The prices of the plans are mentioned below.

The price starts from $10 a month to $96 a month with basic resources of 1GB RAM, a one core processor, 25GB storage, and 1TB of bandwidth.


Kamatera is the only brand that solely focuses on cloud-based services. It has a huge range of hosting, storage, and various other resources.

It gives you full control over your cloud hosting from full root access to choosing specific IP allocations.

Cloud Web Hosting

Their services are soo flexible that one can easily scale up or scale down within a few minutes even their physical resources like CPU, RAM, and Storage space can easily be added and subtracted with a few simple clicks.

Their pricing plans are highly customizable and can also bill hourly. Their basic plans start from $4 a month.


Built on Google cloud infrastructure, SiteGround offers high-performance cloud hosting services.

It takes care of all small things such as auto-updates, tools to make managing websites easier, optimized servers, and auto-scaling tools so your site stays running even with unexpected traffic spikes and takes care of all the IT sides of your website so that you can work on other areas of the website.

Best Cloud Web Hosting

Also, it doesn’t offer a free domain with any of its plans but yes the plans are highly customizable and allow you to create your cloud plan based on the resources you are going to use.

The price point of SiteGround plans is a little higher than other providers. The starting price is $100 a month and goes up to $400 a month.


Hostwinds offers highly affordable plans, so if you are tight on budget and looking for a flexible and customizable cloud web hosting provider, Hostwinds is for you!

It has a decent amount of storage, bandwidth, and RAM and allows easy one-click installation for most applications. One can easily configure the server just after the signup and can choose from multiple data centers available along with extra IP addresses if required.

Best Cloud Web Hosting

also, it plan starts from $5 a month and goes up to $329 a month including one CPU core, 1GB of RAM, 30GB of storage, and 1TB of bandwidth in the basic plan.


Well known for its 24×7 live customer chat support & phone support, InMotion strongly holds its position in our top list.

Having customer support as a strong point in our research, InMotion also offers various other features too such as free domains and backups, unlimited email accounts and websites, unmetered CPU cores, and root access.

Web Hosting Providers

It has 10 different pricing plans options which are way more than other providers. Prices start from $17.99 a month.

Although it is packed with all the basic and essential features, it has limited bandwidth and RAM capped at 8GB.


Looking for the most affordable options out there, HostGator can certainly be your ready-to-go option.

It is one of the top cloud web hosting service providers in terms of search rankings. It carries 99.99% uptime on almost every hosting service.

The pricing plans to offer:

  1. Hatching Plan: The price starts at $4.95 including 2 CPUs, 2GB of memory, and a single domain.
  2. Baby Plan: starts at $6.57 including 4 CPUs, 4GB of memory, and unlimited domains.
  3. Business Plan: Price starting at $9.95, 6 CPUs, 6 GB of memory, and unlimited domains.

All of its plans come with a Free SSL certificate and the Business plan comes with a dedicated IP, free SEO tools, and a free domain as well.


If you are a developer and looking for the fastest cloud setup, DreamHost does the job! You can make your cloud server live in just 30 seconds.

Its cloud hosting services are designed in such a way that they are highly configurable options available. One can choose any OS and all the servers come with full root access.

Hosting Providers

The only thing which is not up to the mark is its customer support which is available only for 16 hours a day via email and live chat.

Pricing starts at $4.50 a month and goes up to $48 a month offering 512MB of RAM, one vCPU, and 100GB of storage in the basic plan.


Hostinger is a very popular hosting service provider with affordable plans. It has great customer support despite having a competitive price.

It has a dedicated IP that the customer receives after opting for any of the plans. And takes care of server uptime, monitoring, and automated daily backups.

You also get an option to upgrade with the Cloudflare option for extra protection and security.

It offers three very popular pricing plans:

  1. Startup: Starts from $9.99 a month and goes up when you renew.
  2. Professional: Price starts from $18.99 a month.
  3. Enterprise: The price starts from $69.99 per month.

All the plans include Free Domain, Free SSL, Daily Backups, 300 Websites, 200GB SSD Storage, 3 GB RAM, and 2 CPU Cores.


There are multiple options to choose a perfect cloud web hosting service provider for your website. You can only choose the perfect only when you know what are your requirements or even the range of requirements so that you never ran out of particular resources when you scale in near future.

We have kept NameCheap as the best among all of the options available above because it only has all the necessary features needed in a web hosting service. But also multiple upgrades options too and all of that in very affordable price plans.

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